Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D7200

Need extra power for your Nikon D7200 but don’t want to drag multiple batteries along? Then this Battery grip from Jupio might be a good solution. De package includes two battery trays one for LP-Battery en one for AA batteries. Another nice addition is the 3 year warranty.

Whats included in the package

– IR Remote control
– One tray for EN-EL15 accu
– One tray for 6x AA batteries

Let have a closer look at the included battery trays…


The battery grip looks exactly like the MB-D15. Just like the original Battery Grip for Nikon D7200 from Nikon it also offers a good grip of the camera , has an extra shutter release button for vertical shooting , and you can add an extra battery so you can shoot longer. Mind you that the battery tray does only accommodate one battery and not two like some of the Canon counterparts.

If you want to make use of the maximum power storage you will have to insert one EN-LP15 in the camera itself and another one in the tray which you can slide in to the battery grip. Given you twice the amount of power. The second battery tray is able to be fitted with 6x AA batteries which is handy for those situations where you need that little bit extra to do the job. Another good reason to use the AA battery tray is that most of us have plenty of AA batteries and if not there easy to get a hold of by simple getting some at a nearby shop.


Like I stated before the Jupio Battery grip look exactly like the original Nikon MB-D15 but a fraction of the cost.

Just like the original Nikon MB-D15 the Jupio battery grip also has a shutter-release button, AAE/AF lock button, multi thumb selector, and both front and rear command dials for vertical shots.


Installing the battery grip

Installing the battery grip is easy, remove the rubber protection plate at the bottom of the D7200 and place the rubber protector plate on the battery grip. the battery grip has a cutout which is able to hold the rubber protection plate, so this way you wont loose it.

First up removing the rubber protection plate from the camera it self…

Next shot show me installing the rubber protection plate in the cutout…

And here’s a shot of what is looks like when done right…

Then attach the battery grip to the camera, and your done…

The battery grip does make the camera look a lot more pro, but most of all it makes it easier and more comfortable to use with the extra power to boot.



If your looking for a good piece of equipment making handling you camera more comfortable then this is the way to go. The battery grip makes the camera easier to handle, makes it look more pro and will allow you to shoot all day without having to worry about battery life. Lets face it… we want to make photographs, we don’t want to worry about running out of battery power.

Why would you go with a 3rd party brand instead of the original brand? This all comes down to your budget and how you are going to use the battery grip. If your using it in combination with standard decent DX lenses it will do just fine. Most amateur photographers will be happy using this battery grip. For real extensive use lets say outdoors or using the more expensive pro lenses like for example the Nikon AF-S 24-70mm and doing multiple photoshoots for a living?… I would recommend getting the original seeing its internally (magnesium alloy) build a lot more solid. But then again at the end it all comes down to whats you budget, are you a amateur photographer that shoots every now and then or are you doing photography for a living?

If you can answer these questions for your self then you will have the answer your looking for:-) All in all, I found this battery grip to work flawlessly and it does what it’s supposed to do, make my shoots a lot more comfortable en less to worry about:-)

For those wanting to buy the Jupio Battery grip from Amazon have a look here.

For more information about Jupio and their product line up, have a look at Jupio’s main site.

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9 Build Quality

10 Features

9 Handling

10 Value for Money