Jupio JBG-C004 Battery Grip for Canon Review

Jupio Battery Grips offer the same look-and-feel as the original versions. The advantages of using a Battery Grip are amongst others: a better grip and more comfortable photographing in vertical position thanks to the extra shutter on the battery grip. Besides you can place 2 batteries at the same time in almost all models, enabling you to take more photographs. Jupio quality with 3 years of no-nonsense quality. Specifications and equipment identical to original grip.

Jupio offers an extensive range of power- products. We produce innovative batteries and chargers for camcorders, digital cameras, notebooks, power tools and long-lasting rechargeable batteries. Manufactured with top quality raw materials and using advanced technology, Jupio products deliver true enhanced performance and tremendous value for money.

Jupio was founded in 2006. It is our mission to manufacture fairly priced, power related products with an outstanding level of quality and performance. We strongly believe in our 3 year no-fuss limited warranty and provide our customers with the best service possible.

In this review I am taking a look at the Jupio JBG-C004 Battery Grip for Canon (550D, 600D, 650D, 700D) range.

The Package

Jupio’s head office is based in the Netherlands which also reflects in their choice of color (orange) on the package. Every component is well packaged inside bubble rap and plastic.

What’s in the box

1. the battery grip itself
2. a compartment for 2 700D batteries, and another one for 6 AA sized batteries.
3. an infrared remote control + one spare battery for the control
4. a (short) manual.

First component out of the box is the battery girp it self. The battery grip feels solid and is definitely built very wel, as a matter of fact it looks just like the original Canon one.

Next up a shot of both battery compartments, one for two camera batteries and the second compartment can be filled with AA batteries to serve as a backup. Also included in this package is a infrared remote control and a small manual.

The next shows you both battery compartments which are made of plastic. As goes for build quality, its sturdy yet plastic so nothing wrong with that.

The JBG-C004 holds two LP-E8 Batteries that deliver double the number of shots or video time from the Canon 700D. Jupio was kind enough to supply two LP-E8 batteries as well, which makes sense because I would always recommend to use identical batteries in a setup like this instead of mixing it up with original Canon batteries.

Here’s a shot of the both the original Canon LP-E8 and the Jupio Lp-E8 battery next to each other. If you checkout the specs you will see a small difference. Their capacity is the same (rated at 1120mAh) but the voltages are slightly different. This bring me to my earlier statement don’t mix and match batteries. Besides two Jupio LP-E8 batteries would cost you about 60 euro’s (30 euro’s each) compared to the original Canon LP-E8 which will set you back 100 euro’s (50 euro’s each).

I have tried getting a original Canon BG-E8 battery grip but my contact over at Canon wasn’t to interested when she found out that I wanted to do a side by side compare sing and she also added that she didn’t have access to one at the time of writing this review. My contact over at Jupio wasn’t that surprised but stated not be worried because like he stated the Jupio JBG-C004 is an exact copy of the original if not better :-)

After looking over pictures found on the web and comparing them to the ones I made of the Jupio JBG-C004 battery grip I am impressed. Some third manufactures don’t seem to be able to match the original texture- and color wise. In this case I must say Jupio really did a great job. Especially the grip texture, it looks exactly the same as the original.

The next picture shows the top side of the battery grip.

On the bottom of the grip you will find the JBG-C004 provides its own tripod adapter threads, this functionality is not lost. It also has a bar for attaching an additional camera strap.


In the next shot you can see the two Jupio batteries installed in the compartment. The batteries fit in just right

Next step is removing the battery cover from the camera, this cover can be placed inside the battery grip, so you wont loose it.

Now the only thing to do attach the battery grip to the camera, in my case a Canon 700D. Which is childsplay :-)

The next picture shows the Jupio JBG-C004 attached to the Canon 700D, which gives it a more pro look. The camera is heavier now and will balance out a lot better with bigger lenses as well now. The color icons on the battery grip match the ones on the camera and the grip adds more functionality. The added functionality enables portrait/vertical shooting making it much easier and more comfortable.

With the battery grip attached I now have a vertical grip with shutter button, an on/off switch to disable the complete grip, main dial (for shutter or aperture), AF-ON button, AE lock button and AF-Point/Magnify button. Also included is a wireless infrared remote control.

Some third party battery grips don’t match the camera color wise and some just dont fit at all leaving big gaps in between the camera and the battery grip. This is not the case with the Jupio JBG-C004.

Here a shot of the Canon 700D with the Jupio JBG-C004 attached.

Here’s another shot but from a different view point…


I have tested the Jupio JBG-C004 for quite some now. The addition of adding the Jupio JBG-C004 battery grip has definitely improved my workload, Normally one Canon LP-E8 battery would last me 400 to 430 pictures (in RAW format). I have taken the Jupio battery grip on numerous jobs and personal events and seeing I installed two Jupio LP-E8 batteries I was counting on being able to shoot at least 800 pics before recharging. During four extensive tests I was able to get an average of 940-960 shots, that really amazed me, in fact I was counting on the Jupio LP-E8 to be a bit behind on the Canon LP-E8, thats why I did several test to see if my results were accurate.

The Jupio JBG-C004 battery grip fits very well and seems to be one with my Canon 700D. It made the camera look more pro, balance better with bigger lenses and gave me a more comfortable way of taking portrait pictures without loosing out on camera functionality. I have yet to test the AA battery compartment seeing I never ran out of juice using the two Jupio LP-E8’s.

Now normally if I couldn’t find anything wrong about a product I would hunt for one. In this case I can find a single flaw. Some might argue that seeing the Jupio JBG-C004 isn’t weather sealed this would be a flaw but you have to take in to consideration that am using the Jupio JBG-C004 on a Canon 700D which is also not weather sealed.

The Jupio JBG-C004 is a great value for money seeing it retails in at about 60 euro’s compared to the Canon BG-E8 which sells for about 150 euro’s at the time of writing this review.

Overall, I think the Jupio JBG-C004 battery grip is a very useful addition for any Canon or Nikon owner for that manner. If you haven’t checkout their products before go have a look and give them a shot, you wont regret it.

For more information about Jupio and their product line up, have a look at Jupio’s main site.

9 Build Quality

9 Handling

10 Value for Money

10 Features