My Photography Portfolio and Blog is finally live!

So what can you expect to see here? Well first and foremost this blog is intended to be represent my online portfolio containing my creative output. I have recently started in photography well back in November 2014 that is. That’s when i got my first ever DSLR camera, ever since I have been hooked on shooting with it. Wether it be portraits, still or even landscape the feeling you get when that specific shot which you had in your mind is translated in a true picture is just awesome.

Along this way I would like to share my experiences along the way by doing tutorials and reviews as well. So you will be able to go along with the ride of learning to shoot with a DSLR and hopefully loads more.

At the moment am busy importing pictures for my portfolio and building up the layout and projects for the blog. Rule number one don’t publish photo’s just for the sake of having loads of them on your site, make sure they look good. This will help you build up you reputation.

More tips, tutorials and guides will follow so make sure you stay tuned, and don’t forget to connect with me using Facebook or Twitter this will help you stay up to date with all my progress and future content.