PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power

There is a new photo contest ongoing with the theme “Girl Power”, the prize is for the best photo U$6000.

Millions of women are struggling against prejudice and favouritism and gender equality every day, with the aim of giving women the power of social, political and economic participation in all areas of society.

To support this goal, Jak & Jil launches a ) the PhotoChallenge 2017, a photo contest that will award $6000 to the photo that best reflects the struggle women carry in the context of Women’s Empowerment.

The submitted photos are evaluated and assessed by an interdisciplinary commission consisting of photographers, journalists and scholars from the environment, taking into account criteria such as originality, creativity and connection with the theme.

The winning photo will receive $6000, of which $3000 will be donated to the author of the photo and €2700 to one of the NGO’s who make it difficult for the goal chosen by the winner.

For more information and this challenge click here!