Plain Spotting For The First Time

Today I went for a bicycle ride to a place where aircrafts tend to fly very low and are on their approach to land at Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I must admit the shot I took might not be to spectaculair for most but I had a blast shooting them. All photographed just a few miles from my home, using the Tamron SP 70-300mm VC USD lens with VC (image stabilisation) turned off on a Canon 700D. It was my first time ever shooting plains in the sky, and I had a blast doing it :-)

The advantage with a crop sensor camera like the Canon 700D is its 1.6 crop factor. In lame man terms it makes the focal length of my Tamron 70-300mm turn in to a 112-480mm lens, which works out just great for plain spotting. But a good spot is essential as well, sure there are special plain spotter areas around the airport it self but the place I picked was closer to home and easier for me to go to.

Have a look at the following GALLERY to see a small range of plaines I managed to shoot in the sky (photograph that is).

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